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Custom Headless WordPress build ft Amazon Polly for a Software Consulting Company located in the greater Knoxville, TN area

Client Feedback

       "Andrew Ross worked with Drisdell Consulting Services to update, modernize, and revamp our existing website which was a pre-existing Bluehost WordPress instance. Throughout the process he exhibited stellar communications skills as well as technical savvy, successfully took ideas from discussion of concept to reaility, and was always responsive, reliable, and professional. Andrew also kept an eye on the bottom line and researched solutions that would be both more efficient and cost-effective.

      Andrew made significant design changes then migrated the instance from Bluehost to AWS LightSail for reduced monthly cost and enhanced tooling/coverage by wrapping the instance with an Amazon Cloudfront CDN. He then built out a modern headless front-end using React's Next.js framework, TypeScript, GraphQL, WPGraphQL, Apollo Client, and Tailwindcss. He deployed the client to Vercel's edge network, which is seamlessly updated in real-time from the AWS-hosted CMS via the power of Incremental Static Regeneration. Andrew configured Amazon Polly to deliver enhanced accessibility for visually impaired users by embedding text-to-speech audio elements throughout the site. In addition to adding visual appeal, the load time of our website decreased by approximately 350%.

        I would gladly recommend Andrew Ross to any client for website development or similar project. In addition to having the desired result at the end of our project, he made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact me at mary.drisdell@drisdellconsulting.com."

Mary Drisdell, CFO, Drisdell Consulting Services